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基督教神學與事工 (香港區) 證書課程 粵語主講 

2014年 3月 31日 ~ 4月5日 (一 ~ 六)

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* 首次報讀 基督教神學與事工(香港)證書課程,須辦理入學註冊手續及繳付註冊費港幣200元



基督教神學與事工 (香港區) 證書課程  
  課程日期:2012年 11月 14 ~ 18日
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基督教神學與事工 (香港區) 證書課程
基督教神學與事工 (香港區) 證書課程
基督教神學與事工 (香港區) 證書課程




October 2012

Dear Friend of China Horizon:

God is so faithful, merciful, and so wise. Our lives are in his hands, in these uncertain times. Our faith is weak, but the Spirit is here to help. Praise him and for all his mercies.

This is the season for the 5th trip to Asia this year (Oct. 10-Nov. 19). The third trip in the summer was interrupted by a return to Philadelphia on July 16, making this 4th trip the 5th trip for 2012. We continue to offer our certificate courses in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong. We will begin to video-record “The Doctrine of Christ” in Louis Berkhof’s Systematic Theology Singapore. This means that we are starting the 2nd half of the 1000 page classic text. God is good.

I will also visit Rev. Stephen Tong’s Chinese seminary in Jakarta (teaching for two weeks), and spend 3 Sundays in Kuching, where I serve as advisory pastor at Grace Baptist Church.

In Los Angeles, we finished “Biblical Apologetics” on October 5 at CCNTV. This course focuses on the core of Dr. John Frame’s book, CORNELIUS VAN TIL: AN ANALYSIS OF HIS THOUGHT. At CCNTV, we continue to make progress in video-recording John Calvin’s INSTITUTES OF THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION.

Calvin and Berkhof are our two longest series of video-recordings; it will take several more years before we approach the finish line.

At ITS, I continue to teach 2 courses per quarter, and have taken on to advise a student (bilingual) in a Master of Theology program (inter-discipinary), to, by God’s grace, prepare him to be a theological instructor.

We are grateful for loving friends, partners like yourself, colleagues, volunteers, and many others who support and encourage us in many ways. Your thoughtfulness often comes through in surprising ways.

May God raise up a generation of teachers of His Word.


For Christ and the Chinese church,


Samuel Ling





Download course flyer here.

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