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China Horizon was raised up by God to address ideas and doctrines impacting the vitality and purity of the Chinese church; and to train qualified servant-leaders who will influence the Chinese church in China and abroad. China Horizon is a non-profit organization pursuant to Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Service Code, and is supported by voluntary contributions. Samuel Ling, Ph.D., President. 

Horizon Ministries Canada was incorporated in 1996 in the Province of British Columbia. Its focus in ministry among mainland Chinese intellectuals (PRC’s) is publishing literature for PRC’s in Canada.

OUR VISION ~ The 21st Century Chinese Church

The church in China and among overseas Chinese faces unprecedented challenges in the 21st century to stand faithful to God’s truth revealed in Scripture, to call her people to worship the living God in Spirit and in truth, to nurture and mobilize God’s people with all the revealed will of God for effective evangelism and “salt and light” ministry in the world, and to impact family, society and culture for Christ amid pluralism, paganism and rapid change.


In view of the apostasy of many Christians and churches and the drift of “evangelicalism”  from the historic biblical faith articulated by the Protestant Reformers in the 16th century, China Horizon reaffirms this historic, biblical faith, and urges the Chinese church to address these critical areas of concern:

- 對《聖經》的解釋,不可妥協其默示、無謬、無誤、和權柄;必須相信《聖經》就是上帝默示的話語。
- Interpretation of Scripture which  must not compromise faith in its full inspiration, infallibility, inerrancy, and authority  as God’s inspired Word
- 在信仰與教會處境化的過程中,拒絕與文化,宗教妥協。
Refusal to accommodation to culture and religion in contextualization
- 扭轉偏離純正信仰的趨勢,重申上帝的超越,基督的神性,與基督在十字架上代罪的救贖大工。
Reversal of the erosion of sound doctrine, e.g. God’s transcendence, the deity of Christ, de-emphasis of the  propitiatory and subsitutionary atonement of Jesus Christ on the Cross
- 教會務必向相對主義挑戰,不可與非《聖經》信仰、宗教、哲學與文化(如﹕儒家思想,道家思想與宗教等)混合;繼續宣告﹕耶穌基督是到上帝面前的唯一道路,《聖經》是唯一從上帝而來的救贖啟示。
- Calling the church to challenge the syncretism of biblical faith with relativism, existentialism, Taoist and Confucianism,  and the like, and to renew her call and message that Christ is the only way to God, the Bible the only God-given revelation for our salvation and sanctification
- 教會必須拒絕「世界上的智慧」,在事工上避免被市場學,科技,與心理學理論等扭曲真理;扭轉忽略以聖道的傳講為己務的趨勢。
Calling the church to avoid and challenge methodology which emphasizes “worldly wisdom” in marketing, technology, and secular psychology etc, and to reverse the trend of neglecting God’s revealed wisdom in the proclamation and teaching of God’s Word in and beyond the church. 


China Horizon conducts these teaching ministries to address critical ideas and doctrines  and to train leaders for the church.

1. 在北美洲與亞洲各地舉辦下列課程與講座﹕
Conduct courses and seminars in strategic cities in North America and Asia in these crucial areas:

- 《聖經》神學biblical theology 
- 護教學(預設派)apologetics (presuppositional approach)
- 教義史history of doctrine
- 系統神學systematic theology
- 合乎《聖經》的敬拜biblical worship
- 清教徒的屬靈神學Puritan spirituality
- 《聖經》輔導Biblical (nouthetic) counseling

Currently we conduct courses at least twice a year in these cities:

- 華盛頓Washington, DC (at Chinese Christian Church of Virginia, Falls Church, Virginia)
- 洛杉磯Los Angeles
- 東京Tokyo (at Tokyo International Church, Ebisu, Tokyo)
- 香港Hong Kong (at Lok Yan Evangelical Free Church, Kowloon) 
- 新加坡Singapore (in cooperation with Reformed Bible Presbyterian Church and FideEvan)
- 檳城Penang (through Right Path Training Services)
- 吉隆坡Kuala Lumpur (through Right Path Training Services)

Courses which have been offered in recent years, most of which have been recorded, include:
- 《聖經》神學﹕聖約論(認識恩典之約)
Biblical Theology: Doctrine of the Covenant (Old Testament)
- 《聖經》神學﹕福音書中的天國論
Biblical Theology: The Doctrine of the Kingdom of God in the Gospels 
- 《聖經》神學﹕保羅書信
Biblical Theology: The Biblical theology of Paul’s Epistles
- 教義史﹕早期基督教教義史
History of Doctrine: Early Christian Doctrine
- 教義史﹕從奧古斯丁到阿奎那
History of Doctrine: From Augustine to Aquinas
- 教義史﹕加爾文《基督教要義》選讀(卷一、二、三、四)
History of Doctrine: Readings in John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion (Book 1; Book 2A; Book 2B; Book 3A; Book 3B; Book 3C; Book 4A; Book 4B)
- 改革宗護教學﹕范泰爾的預設派護教學
Reformed Apologetics: The Presuppositionalism of Cornelius Van Til
- 系統神學﹕導論
Systematic Theology: Prolegomena
- 系統神學﹕上帝論
Systematic Theology: Doctrine of God
- 系統神學﹕人論
Systematic Theology: Doctrine of Man
- 系統神學﹕基督論
Systematic Theology: Doctrine of Christ
- 系統神學﹕奇異恩典﹕聖靈與救贖
Systematic Theology: Amazing Grace: The Holy Spirit and Salvation
- 系統神學﹕教會論
Systematic Theology: Doctrine of the Church
- 實踐神學﹕敬拜與讚美的重尋
Practical Theology: Rediscovering Praise and Worship
- 實踐神學﹕敬虔的追尋﹕清教徒的屬靈神學
Practical Theology: In Search of Godliness: Puritan Spiritual Theology
- 實踐神學﹕《聖經》輔導入門
Practical Theology: Introduction to Biblical Counseling
- 實踐神學﹕佈道,宣教,與城市宣教
Practical Theology: Evangelism, Missions and Urban Ministry

Other seminars which have been recorded include:
- 文化與福音的處境化
Culture and the Contextualization of the Gospel
- 基督教與西方文化(鋼琴講座)
Christianity and Western Culture: A Piano Lecture (English)
- 護教學﹕西方哲學
Apologetics: Western Philosophy
- 聖靈與救恩
The Holy Spirit and Salvation
- 聖靈與我
The Holy Spirit and Ourselves
- 英國清教徒的屬靈神學(英語)
Theology of the English Puritans (English)
- 惟獨《聖經》
Sola Scriptura

中華展望的總幹事林慈信牧師,自從2002年在洛杉磯國際神學研究院擔任系統神學教席,近年也在更新傳道會之更新學院任教課程(亞特蘭大)。自從2008年,擔任華人基督教網絡聖約學院的網絡教學 (www.ccnci.org) 。
China Horizon’s president, Dr. Samuel Ling, is professor of systematic theology at International Theological Seminary, El Monte, California (www.itsla.edu) since 2002.    He teaches courses in Atlanta, Georgia for the Institute of Theological Seminars conducted by Christian Renewal Ministries, Milltown, New Jersey (www.crmnj.org).   Dr. Ling also regularly teaches at the Chinese Christian Network Covenant Institute (www.ccnci.org), an interactive, live internet television ministry of theological teaching.

2.  出版書籍,文章,錄音,錄影等,以裝備華人教會領袖﹕
Produce books, articles, recordings, videos, and online material to equip future  leaders in the Chinese church, in these crucial areas.

Books which have been published in recent years include:

Jay E. Adams, Competent to Counsel (revised edition; Taosheng Publishing House, Taipei)
Sinclair Ferguson, The Christian Life: A Doctrinal Introduction (simplified script, People Book House, Malaysia; traditional script, Reformation Translation Fellowship, Taipei)
John Owen, The Holy Spirit (Reformation Translation Fellowship)
Thomas Watson, The Doctrine of Repentance (simplified script)
John Owen, The Glory of Christ (simplified script)
God’s Inerrant Word (Christian Communications Inc. of Canada)

Books published in English:
Lit-sen Chang, Asia’s Religions (P&R Publishing, www.prpbooks.com)
Lit-sen Chang, What is Apologetics? (P&R Publishing)
Chinese Intellectuals and the Gospel (P&R Publishing)
The “Chinese” Way of Doing Things (P&R Publishing)

China Horizon continues to move ahead with a multi-year project to translate:
Van Til’s Apologetics: Readings and Analysis, ed. Greg Bahnsen

Your prayers and support toward this laborious effort will be much appreciated.

Gifts and inquiries can be directed to:

China Horizon, P.O. Box 2009, San Gabriel, California 91778, USA.



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