"Jews demand miraculous signs and Greeks look for wisdom, 23but we preach Christ crucified: a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles;" - 1 Cor. 1:22-23

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Sunday, 16 March 2008


      Note: God molds and shapes us throughout our whole lives.  In each period, God teaches us different lessons.  For example: During our early years as a Christian, God may test us in our (a) integrity; (b) love for His Word; and (c) obedience.  Later, in our ministry development years, God will teach us (a) insights about leadership, organization and hierarchy in the ministry/church, and (b) about our need for more training.  Still later, we will grow in our life-maturity through (a) crisis, (b) sickness, (c) isolation, (d) leadership backlash, (e) spiritual authority insights/prayer and faith, (f) spiritual powers/conflict, etc. 

       The following questions may help you to arrive at a clearer picture of where God has led you, and where you are in your maturing process. 

       Take a day off.  Take your Bible, a notebook/notepad, and perhaps some of your favorite music (a walkman?).  A book of short devotional readings may help you get started.  Find a very quiet, relaxing place.  Ask God to help you wait on Him, and really try your best to listen to Him. 

       A helpful format is, to write one question on top of a page.  Then spend some time trying to answer that question.  When you are finished, begin a fresh page, and write the next question on top of the page, etc. 

1.     Why did I come here?  (Or when did my present period began?) 

2.     What are my present responsibilities/roles in ministry (and at work, family, etc.)? 

3.     What (spiritual) gifts and abilities did I bring to this period of ministry (or this present role/responsibility in ministry) ? 

4.     What liabilities/weaknesses did I bring into this period of ministry (or this present role/responsibility in ministry)?

5.     Did I bring any unresolved questions, problems, conflicts, etc. from the previous period in my life, into the present period? 

6.     What did I plan/hope to accomplish in this period/role/responsibility of ministry? 

7.     What did I actually do so far? 

8.     How did I do?  Evaluate the ways in which I have been effective, and ways in which I have failed to be effective. 

9.     How do I feel?  How is my physical health? 

10. How do I feel emotionally?  Encouraged, motivated?  Discouraged, with despair?  Hopeful, optimistic?  Tired? 

11.  How do I feel spiritually?  Am I growing in my prayer and understanding of God Word? 

12. How are my interpersonal relationships at home, work, church, etc.?  List names of key people in your life – evaluate your relationship with each one of them.   

13. What time is it in my life?  Am I in the beginning, the middle, or an end of a particular phase/stage in my life? 

14. Who have been the most influential persons in my life, during each stage in life up to now?  How have they influenced me? 

15. What have been the major lessons God has taught me in each stage in life, up to now?  Group them under each period/stage in life. 

16. How effectively have I learned these lessons?  Which lessons remain to be learned/worked on?   

17. What are the interpersonal networks/connections God has put me in? 

18. How can these networks be invested spiritually for kingdom work in the present and future? 

19. Whom am I responsible for?  Family, people under my spiritual care, people in my business/profession/school, etc. 

20. What is the one major passion in my life?  What do I really want to accomplish before I retire/die? 

21. What are some other/secondary passions, callings, burdens, interests in my life? 

22. What are my present roles and responsibilities?  What do I do regularly – at work, family, school, church, ministry, etc.? 

23. Which involvements (see #16) should I increase my time investment? 

24. Which involvements (see #16) should I decrease my time investment, or cancel? 

25. Which involvements (see #16) should I postpone/delay my time investment till a later date? 

26. What immediate changes should I make right now, in my time use, health, study, spiritual development, ministry, etc.? 

27. What are some things I should spend more time to think, meditate, evaluate, and pray about? 

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