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Saturday, 08 March 2008

Do all to the glory of God.  (I Corinthians 10:31)

1. Three years from now, how much do I want to weigh? 
2. Three years from now, what changes in my health do I foresee (better/worse)? 
3. Three years from now, how will my exercise habits change? 
4. Three years from now, how will my eating habits change? 
5. Three years from now, how will my sleep and relaxation habits change?

6. Three years from now, how much will I make per year? What will be my debt? 
7. Three years from now, will I have a financial plan for saving and planning ahead?
8. Three years from now, what will be the percentage I will be tithing/offering? 
9. Three years from now, what real estate/other property will I own?   

10. Three years from now, how will my Bible knowledge change/increase?  How will this change/increase come about (e.g. by using a study Bible for devotions, etc.)? 
11. Three years from now, which will be the major  periodicals I will read regularly? 
12. Three years from now, how many solid books will I read per year?  (suggestion: 5)
13. Three years from now, how will my habits change in prayer, meditation and worship?
14. Three years from now, who will be my closest friends?  Soul-friends?  Will they be (a) Christians, (b) from this church / other churches, (c) local/out of town?
15. Three years from now, will my marital status change?  Children?   
16. Three years from now, will I have one or more significant mentors?

17. Three years from now,  what ministry roles will I have?  Why? 

18. Three years from now, as I will look back on today/this year, what will I think were the lessons God wanted to teach me today/this year? 
19. Based on these foreseen changes, list 5 major changes in my behavior, habits (break or start), involvements (add, or subtract) I should make in the next 14 days. 
20. List 2-3 feelings you felt while answering the above 19 questions. 

“We always overestimate what we can accomplish in one year. 
We always underestimate what we can accomplish in three years.” 
Ted Engstrom, time management expert, former president, World Vision


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